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Documented Research

Our lift chairs are based purely on documented studies and research with sustainability and your wellbeing in mind. While many of our competitors make claims without proof, we only provide benefits that are based on documented studies, so you can really see how big of an impact our Rheumatologist lift chairs can have on your life.

Citations and links to the research are available below, so you can freely verify the information.

We are extremely careful with the products we put our name on. Because we want to make sure every product we put our name on works for you, we only select the best. Our philosophy is important to the success of our company.

Lift Chairs for the Elderly

If you suffer from bone or muscle pain, have had surgery, or even been in an accident, the simple task of sitting down in a chair and getting up becomes nearly impossible. That is why a lift chair can come in handy. Those with weak knees, back problems, or other ailments can also benefit from the use of a lift chair.
Even if you are sold on the idea of a lift chair, there are some things to consider before adding one to the home.


The chair itself may take-up no more room than a standard recliner. However, you will need to consider leaving a bit more space available for the lift chair to fully recline and lift properly. Most recliners require at least 12 to 20 inches away from the wall to work adequately.

For best results, connect the plug directly into an outlet so as to avoid unnecessary outages or cutoffs. Just as with other kinds of furniture, lift chairs come in a variety of materials, most of which help to improve the overall function of the chairs. Deciding features like pockets, swing out trays, cup holders, and massage options matter a lot because they help improve the way they heal the body.


Lift Assist Chair for the Elderly People “Rakutateru”, Procedia Computer Science, 2018, ISSN 1877-0509

Applied Ergonomics - Power Lift Chair Recliner

If getting in and out of your sofa or chair isn’t as easy as it used to be, then purchasing a lift chair might be the right idea as they are specially made for their healing features and mobility. Regardless of price, when it comes to mobility equipment, the process can be overwhelming and annoying. As a licensed physical and home healthcare specialist, I assess people with physical disabilities on a daily basis and help to provide insight to avoid making unnecessary purchasing mistakes.


The first and most important thing to consider is the comfort. If the chair is uncomfortable, then all other features will be useless. Function is also very important because many recliners come with different positions. If you desire independence, then a lift recliner with at least 3 positions gets the job done. These features allow the backrest to recline independently of the footrest, which means that sitting upright will be doable. 3 or more position recliners also allow for full reclining and full lift tilt.

Link to Article

“Soo-Jeong Lee, David Rempel, Applied Ergonomics, ISSN 0003-6870

Development of the Lift Assist Chair for the Elderly People “Rakutateru” - Clinical Study

According to [a] survey on... elderly persons at home or [in] nursing… care, the first item [of] concern [after] disease… treatment is “Weak legs and difficulties to stand from [a] seat[ing position].” Muscle strength further decreases with aging and make feeling burden when standing from seat. Also, people who are suffering from secondary symptoms such as bedsores and keep sitting in a seat for a long time are on the rise. The most burdensome for elderly persons when trying to stand up from chair is to bear the weight themselves.  

In this paper, we introduce “Rakutateru” which is specially designed to support elderly persons to easy stand up from seat and keep people to more active and independent. We also evaluate the validity of assist unit which is contained inside the lower part of the Rakutateru surface.


In this paper, we [propose] a specially designed chair Rakutateru to support elderly persons to easily stand up from the seat and keep people more active and independent. We also evaluate the validity of assist unit which is contained inside the lower part of the Rakutateru surface. In experimental results, we applied 8 sensors as a maker position and ask the subject to sit and stand up from the chair. We prove that using the internal mechanism of Rakutateru was able to increase the speed of sitting and standing of elderly people.

Link to Article

“Development of the Lift Assist Chair for the Elderly People Rakutateru” Alireza Ahrary, Won-Seok Yang, Masayoshi Inada, Kazumi Nakamatsu; Procedia Computer Science,
Volume 131, 2018, Pages 31-37.

Effects of recliner chairs versus traditional hospital beds: Clinical Study

Little has been documented regarding postoperative interventions that are effective in decreasing postoperative recovery time, and improving patient outcomes or optimizing discharge readiness. A study was conducted to evaluate two methods of recovery positioning, and to examine factors that affect home readiness for postsurgical laparoscopy patients. Participants were randomized into two groups. The control group was recovered in “traditional hospital beds,” while patients in the experimental group recovered in a “recliner chair,” which was adjustable by the patient for comfort.


The results showed that patients who recovered in adjustable recliner chairs reached home readiness sooner and experienced greater comfort levels than patients who recovered in traditional hospital beds. Furthermore, patients in the recliner chair group had fewer adverse symptoms such as nausea, severe pain, and delayed voiding.

Link to Study

Agodoa SE, Holder MA, Fowler SM. Effects of recliner-chair versus traditional hospital bed on postsurgical diagnostic laparoscopic recovery time. J Perianesth Nurs.
2002;17(5):318-324. doi:10.1053/jpan.2002.35366

Advances in adaptive seating systems for the elderly and persons with disabilities that assist sit-to-stand transfers – Clinical Study

The independence of elderly and arthritic patients as well as persons with disabilities is influenced considerably by their ability to stand from a chair. The presence of pain, reduced joint range of motion, stiffness, and muscle weakness often limit the ability to achieve a sit-to-stand position (STS). Realizing the enormous implications of STS performance, physicians, scientists, and industry have joined together to design and manufacture a wide variety of adaptive seating systems that facilitate the rising process.


The elevator chairs are ideally suited for offices, waiting rooms, hospitals, long-term care facilities, and homes. While persons with disabilities appreciate the benefits of these adaptive seating systems, which allow them to achieve a STS position without assistance, healthcare personnel also value the benefits of these adaptive seating systems because they eliminate their need to lift the occupant to a standing position—an invitation for a potentially serious back injury.

Link to Study

“Revolutionary advances in adaptive seating systems for the elderly and persons with disabilities that assist sit-to-stand transfers”. PubMed.gov., Journal of Long-Term Effects of Medical Implants, Richard Edlich, Cynthia L. Heather, Michael H. Galumbeck. 10 pages, Volume 13, 2003, Issue 1.

Should I Buy A Lift Chair For My Elderly Parents? (How To Decide And Choose) – Article

Each year, 3 million older people are treated in emergency departments for fall injuries.

Each year at least 300,000 older people are hospitalized for hip fractures.

More than 95% of hip fractures are caused by falling, usually by falling sideways.

Falls are the most common cause of traumatic brain injuries (TBI).


Should I buy a lift chair for my elderly parents? The independence of an individual, especially a senior is very important. For caregivers, however, safety is the number one consideration. A lift chair provides both. If you have the funds and the space for a recliner lift chair and your elderly parents have problems getting up from a seated position then I would recommend to purchase and use a recliner lift chair.

Link to Article

“Should I Buy A Lift Chair For My Elderly Parents? (How To Decide And Choose)”. Esther Kane, certified Senior Home Safety Specialist through Age Safe America., https://seniorsafetyadvice.com/


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